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El Camisón
Last Updated
18/11/2019 11:20
No disponible Not available
Water quality:
Excellent water Water quality: Excellent water
pH del agua pH of water: 8,2
Temperatura del agua Water temperature: 21,0 ºC
Fecha del último análisis Date of last analysis: 11/11/2019
Weather forecast:
Today sun Today sun
Temperatura máxima Maximum temperature: 21,0 ºC
No disponible Wind direction: North-easterly
Temperatura mínima Minimum temperature: 18,0 ºC
Velocidad del viento Wind speed: 4 Km/h
Max UVI: Moderated Solar radiation: Max UVI: Moderated
Medusas Jellyfish: Not available
webCAM WebCAM: Not available
Parking, services and equipment:
Parking available
Vehicles Vehicles
Bicycle Bicycle
Equipment available
Showers Showers
Bins and recycling Bins and recycling
Services available
Restaurants Restaurants
Sun umbrella rental Sun umbrella rental
Hammock rental Hammock rental
Scooter rental Scooter rental
Rescue and lifesaving Rescue and lifesaving
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